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I am an actor based in New York City. 
I type toward mean bosses, nice nurses, sweet off-beat aunts, and midwestern shrinks and sages. I have appeared on television, radio, and podcasts; in commercials (both VOC and VO); in indie and feature films; and on stage in a nice, long list of Off-Broadway theatre productions. I love developing new works and finding authenticity in each individual character. 

These days...

A fun new guest star turn on the series finale of The Blacklist has aired and is available on NBC and Peacock. Two new projects are still under NDAs, but looking forward to sharing clips from HBO and Apple Films soon, hopefully this Fall. Still 'Karening' in re-runs of CBS'
Blue Bloods

Forever, delighted to be included in the Marvel Universe as the recurring Doctor Evans in Season 2 of "The Punisher." 

Here's a clip! 

More news as it develops. 

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